Saturday, March 5, 2011

Milestones Part 2

In case this isn't already completely obvious, I want my own baby quite desperately. It's just not time, though, and one cannot make a change like parenthood in a hurry! So I feel all the more privileged to spend so much time around other families. I'm learning a lot about motherhood and babies.

When I come home, though, my puppy--oh no! I should say "my dog"! He's a year old now, and not a puppy anymore! Well, my dog, Lewis, is my baby when I come home. The picture you see over on the right there shows me and my baby when he was just three months old. He gets all kinds of cuddle time and (healthy) treats and lots of long walks. My big sister's awesome dog adores the kids but seems to miss all the attention he got when he was the only baby. Lewis is getting all kinds of fun mommy & daddy time, including training, while my husband and I still have time and energy to give him our full attention. This is my gorgeous Lewis now (he's half Beagle and half Australian Cattle Dog, a breed we had to research--see the post "Before Adoption" for more of his story!):

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