Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project Shopping!

Okay, so the kids' clothes are requiring a lot of patience--not the sewing part, the waiting! I have to wait for the licensed tags and to hear back about the buttons I want and to get photos of kids wearing the clothes. I think I have decided to make one of each piece and then offer made-to-measure versions for the other sizes that will require waiting. I just don't have the capital (money or time) to invest in making one of each outfit in each size. Now I have to figure out which box the other patterns are in (we're still unpacking!) and *then* I can order fabric and thread. Phew. Too much waiting!

I did decide that I had to start soon on some aspect of this project, so I did a little shopping... Do I need an excuse? No. But I have one. I've decided to do some edging on the dresses with a little old-fashioned crocheted lace. This is something my maternal grandmother did prolifically. We're talking doilies, yes, but the woman crocheted entire, HUGE, tablecloths with just a teeny steel hook and small cotton crochet thread. I learned to crochet with the tiny hook and thread awhile ago, but lost patience before I finished anything. I have decided, however, that I will follow through. I am going to use this awesome pattern I found, emailed to me in .pdf by Etsy seller ResourceQueen. This lady has some seriously awesome vintage finds, especially when it comes to patterns! Here's the one I'm going to use (a picture of it--if you want the pattern, you'll have to buy the file from the shop).
I plan to make the first three until I run out of thread and/or lost my patience and/or eyesight. Aren't they gorgeous?

I did not stop there, of course. I was not content with plain old white cotton thread. I bought hand-painted, variegated super-thin beautiful thread from Etsy! Okay, admission: I am really bad in craft stores and cannot be trusted. I go into some kind of trance, I think. Once, my husband called my cell phone, because he was worried about me--that's how long I'd been gone! It really is better for me to buy handmade, even if it does mean a bit more waiting. Ready to see the thread I bought from the oh-so-talented LadyShuttleMaker?

It's a color (colors?) called Helms Deep--isn't it incredible? I can't wait to make adorable lace with this beautiful thread!